Jack Maynard has just entered the Celebrity jungle, but what do we know about him and what is he famous for?

Is Jack Maynard gay

Jack Maynard is known for being the little brother of the pop star, Conor Maynard, but he’s a social media star in his own right, with over a million followers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter and Instagram, he has 700,000 and 600,000 followers on each respective social media site. Before becoming a YouTuber he worked as a personal trainer and is still totally fitness mad.

Is Jack Maynard gay or does he have a girlfriend?

Nope, Jack Maynard hasn’t identified himself as gay or bisexual. He’s apparently looking for love, or at the very least, keeping his options open whilst in the jungle and hasn’t ruled out an Aussie show romance. Speaking about what he is looking for, Jack said,

“Where I am in my life right now and all the work I am doing, getting into a relationship would be a poor decision. I am focused on me and growing myself as much as possible,” he explains.

So is a jungle fling out of the question?

“What happens in the jungle stays in the jungle apart from all the people watching it,” he jokes. “But to be in a place for such a long time with a group of people… Anything can happen…”

How old is Jack Mayard?

Jack is 22 and was born on the 23rd November. He was born in Brighton, 23rd November 1994. His parents are Gary Maynard and Helen Maynard.

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Who is older Conor Maynard or Jack Maynard?

Jack is the younger brother of Conor. He was born in 1994, whilst Conor was born two years before that in 1992.

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