Thousands Enjoy First Portsmouth Pride In 13 Years

Portsmouth celebrated its first Pride event in 13 years yesterday, with thousands turning out for its parade and park celebrations.


Thousands of people turned out for Portsmouth’s first pride festival in 13 years. The Pride’s organisers said they were “stunned”, “near tears” and happy with the turn out and reception the celebration of LGBT life in Portsmouth received. On-lookers remarked at how amazing the march looked and sounded.

Among the guests of honour were Peter Tatchell and the town’s Lord Mayor who wished the gathered crowd a Happy Pride and that he was proud to have the celebrations back in Portsmouth.


PRIDE MARCH: Hundreds took part in the parade whilst thousands enjoyed the spectacle.


The nine-hour event took part in two stages, which the parade taking place in the town’s centre and the party and entertainment taking place in the city’s coastal park.

Portsmouth Pride

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POLITICAL AND SOCIAL: Representatives of 3 political parties were represented at Pride.

Three political parties had representatives in the Parade. Members of Labour, Lib Dem and Greens marched in the city centre parade. There was no Conservative faction and Labour did not have a stall at the event.

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