Tom Daley Directs Dustin Lance Black In Film Debut

12th August 2014 0 By News Desk

Can Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black get any cuter?

Check out the video that DLB has uploaded to Instagram which he captioned, ‘DAY 26 & 27: an excuse for yesterday’s missing post. Directed by @tomdaley1994 Starring @dlanceblack #triparoundtheworld’

The video, filmed by Tom, is a quick edit of Dustin Lance Black at his computer writing a script, in which he goes on to type, ‘All work and no play make Black a…’

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For the last 27 days, Dustin Lance Black has been on a #TripAroundTheWorld, and documenting his days by posting pictures on Instagram.


A couple of weeks ago both Tom and Dustin were involved in an emergency landing in Russia.