Pilot or stewardess? Man or woman? If you’re an aviation fan and you have a thing for airborne film characters, it will come as no surprise to you that one in two felt a certain weakness for Tom Cruise as a fighter pilot in Top Gun.

The statistics are drawn from the Travel and Compensation Habits of English Passengers survey carried out by refund.me, the international provider that helps airline passengers claim their right to financial compensation for delays, cancellations, missed connections and diversions.

Cruise isn’t alone on the wish-list of British passengers. Second place went to Leonardo DiCaprio, who received 32% of the votes thanks to his role in the Hollywood hit Catch Me If You Can, and third place to Denzel Washington for his performance as a pilot in Flight with 18% of the votes.

When it comes to female cabin crew, the most desired actress after Catherine Zeta Jones was Kirsten Dunst, who received 39% of the votes, for her role in the romantic comedy Elisabethtown. She was followed in third place by Ellen Pompeo, who received 20% of the vote for her performance as Marci in Catch Me If You Can.

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refund.me has consolidated its position in the UK market as a leading representative of passengers seeking compensation from airlines for delays, cancellations, missed connections and diversions. Charging a sector-low commission of 15%, the provider helps users to receive compensation of up to €600.