Baby's first Christmas is a time to treasure, but fans are calling Tom Daley a "sell out" after he posted a "baby's first Christmas" advert for Pampers.

Fans are calling Tom Daley a “sell-out” after he posted a “baby’s first Christmas” advert for Pampers.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black just uploaded the most wonderful, wintery Christmasy “first Christmas baby photo” but some fans aren’t happy. The picture shows the two fathers, rocking Christmasy jumpers, looking longingly down at their son, under the perfectly decorated Christmas tree. It’s the perfect scene to celebrate the couple’s first child, Robbie’s first Christmas. However, fans were quick to notice that the picture was a “paid partnership” with Pampers.

Alongside the picture, Tom wrote,

“LOOK AT THOSE LEGS! ? ? ?Our first family Christmas ❤ Having Robbie in our lives this year is going to be so magical, our Christmas family traditions will be passed down another generation ❤️?‍?‍? Over the past few months and in the run up to Christmas we’ve been using the Pure Protection nappies from @Pampersuk_ire to keep Robbie comfortable. When the weather gets cold, it can irritate skin and The Pure Protection nappies are made with premium cotton and plant based materials ? and are kind to the skin and soft to the touch.. perfect for snuggles by the Christmas tree #ad

Instagram users were quick to call Tom and Dustin Lance Black “sell-outs” after discovering the staged photo was actually an advert for Pampers.

One user blasted the couple saying that as a gay man, he though the picture and promotion were “disgusting” adding, “You guys are using your child as a cash cow! You are basically using the fact that you are a gay couple with a kid to make money… Whilst I admire you both I think this is nothing more than making money for the sake of it… its offensive to gay couples who struggle to make a family. Total loss of respect”

Another asked Tom “… is there anything you won’t sell for sponsorship. First pride now child.”

Another fan urged the couple to donate any free pairs they receive from Pampers to people “less fortunate” this Christmas.

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However, a there were many fans who wished the couple well, with one writing “This is so perfect, you guys are amazing”.

“First-ever same-sex parents to represent pampers”

Another made the realisation that Tom and Dustin are the first gay couple to promote Pampers, saying, “Tom and Lance are first-ever same-sex parents to represent pampers. So yes I think its important”.



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