The world of male grooming can be a daunting place. With a myriad of product types and treatments available, it’s hard to know what products you need to be using and what treatments are right for you.

This is why at THEGAYUK, we have sent our beauty expert Thomas Swallow to try them out and decode the enigma of male grooming.

Carry on reading below, to hear about Tom’s experience trying out Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint and Eyebrow Threading. Missed the first two instalments of this series? Click here to find out about Tom’s previous adventures, where he tried intimate waxing and a dermalux facial.

So this week you lucky folks get three for the price of one. Yes as the intro would suggest I tried out not one, not two but three male grooming treatments. All focused on taming the two bushy caterpillars on my face that I call my eyebrows and as we didn’t want my lashes getting jealous, we threw them into the mix too. I just wanted to take this chance to thank the team at Blink Brow Bar in Fenwick’s, London for helping with this feature. As you’ll find out as you read on, I couldn’t have been in better hands for this. I did indeed feel very pampered.

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Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting:

What is it?

So let’s get started with the first two treatments that I had done this week. Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting is the process of chemically dying your brows and lashes to achieve a darker/more defined colour. Basically just imagine the more professional version of shoving Just for Men on your eyebrows, when you had a bit left over from your beard. Please don’t put that stuff near your eyes though, I beg you! Being a blind panda ain’t a cute look.

The Treatment:

Tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes is one of those things, that I personally found super relaxing and satisfying. Essentially you get to just lay back and close your eyes for 10-15 mins and when you open them again, you have not only great looking brows and lashes but a more defined face. Brows really do shape your face gents, so make sure to never overlook them.

So the treatment will essentially start two days prior to your first appointment. This is when you will do a patch test for the tint, to make sure you aren’t allergic. Following this on the day of your appointment, your treatment will start by your clinician asking you about your desired shade results. Whether you want a more subtle or more dramatic look, they can tailor the results to suit you. This stage is great, as it really does personalise the treatment to yourself and guarantees you get what you want from the treatment.

Following this, your clinician will mix up your tint and then ask you to lay back so they can apply it to your eyebrows. They do the eyebrows first, as they usually, they take a lot less time to tint than your eyelashes. After the tint has been on a few minutes, they will remove the tint with a moist cotton pad and ask you your opinion on the colour. If you’re happy great, if not they will re-apply the tint to achieve the colour result you want.

After your eyebrows are the desired colour, your clinician will then move their attention to your eyelashes. Honestly, this sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. Essentially your clinician will line underneath your eyes and your eyelid with a barrier cream (usually petroleum jelly) and then place halved cotton pads under your eyes, to avoid any excess colour running onto your skin. They will then ask you to keep your eyes closed and they will begin to apply the tint. This is a weird sensation I must admit and sometimes there can be a slight tingling sensation but the important thing here is to keep those eye closed. I promise the sensation if any will die down quickly. Your only job now for the next 10 mins or so is to relax and you may even have a little nap if you’re like me. It has been a tiring few weeks, don’t judge.

My clinician was also super lovely and gave me a shoulder and arm massage while the tint was developing. This was definitely a super sweet thing for her to do and definitely made the whole experience more memorable.

After the tint has developed for roughly 10 mins, your clinician will begin to remove the tint from your eyelashes. Again it’s super important you don’t open your eyes till your clinician tells you to. It may be tempting but trust me it will sting if you do. They will start the removal process by using damp cotton pads similarly to the eyebrow tint but then due to the sensitive nature of the eye, they will then go on to use water directly on the area to remove any residual tint. Following this process, they will give you two more damp cotton pads for you to use yourself. This is so that you can be sure that all the tint has been removed from the eye. You can now open your eyes and see your newly defined lashes. If you have blue eyes like myself, by the way, I couldn’t recommend this more. It really does make your eyes pop and look so much more intense, in a good way.


As always we like to advise you on any necessary after-care for the treatments I try out and to be honest for this treatment, it’s very minimal. Essentially just avoid washing your face till the morning after to increase the longevity of the tint. Simple, right?

Eyebrow Threading:

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What is it?

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Moving on to my third and final treatment I tried this week, I tried the treatment made legend by my female friends. Yes, I indeed tried Eyebrow Threading. Now if you don’t know what eyebrow threading is, it’s essentially the process of using a piece of tightly wound thread to remove hair from the skin. If you’re like me and have female friends that have told you about threading you’d also know it has a reputation for being very painful.

After trying it myself this, I’ve got to say I don’t really understand how it’s painful. It’s a little uncomfortable but it isn’t painful. You essentially feel a light pull and then nothing. Of course like waxing the amount of pain is definitely down to a lot of factors but if you have a good clinician, I don’t see why you should be in pain.

The Treatment:

Anyway now we’ve dispelled that myth and threading clinicians across the country are thanking me for an increase in clientele. Let’s talk about what actually happens when you get your eyebrows threaded. Similarly to the tinting process, your clinician will first do a consultation on how you want to shape your brows. Being myself and liking the natural look, I opted to just get them tidied up but keeping to my natural brow shape. You will then lay back and your clinician will tighten the thread and start the threading process. I was asked to hold my eye area taught with my fingers for the first half of the process for each eye. This was to reduce any pain and make the removal process that much smoother.

The whole process for each eye took only a couple of minutes and as I said previously, really wasn’t that painful. Following the initial removal, my clinician they asked my opinion on the results and then suggested some further alterations to my brows they could do. This was a great step to include as you could tailor your results to your tastes and the added suggestion was most welcome. Essentially she just asked if she could cut a small section at the front of my brow to make it more even, which of course I said yes to.

Following this final snip, my brows were then perfectly shaped and the clinician added some soothing aloe gel to the area, to reduce any irritation caused by the hair removal.


Similarly to the threading, after-care for threading is very simple. Just don’t wash the area till the morning after and avoid any irritants such as perfumes. Again super simple, right?

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As with all the features in this series, we can’t give you a definitive price for the treatment. As it really does depend on your clinician and where in the country you live but we can give you the pricing for Blink Brow Bar, to give you a bit of a guideline.

  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting: £30.00

  • Eyebrow Threading: £21.00

Final Thoughts:

So it’s safe to say I was pretty impressed with the immediate results these treatments offered. As I said previously my eyes looked more striking, my brows looked more defined and my face as a whole just looked more chiselled. Personally, I think that going forward this will be an essential step in my grooming regime and I’ll definitely be going to the team at Blink Brow Bar in Fenwick’s, London to keep it up.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better team to do this feature with. They really did tailor the treatment to my specific needs as a client and the results spoke for themselves. I would definitely recommend giving these three brow/lash essentials a go ASAP and if you’re near a Blink Brow Bar branch hit them up. You can thank me later.

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