We’re not quite sure what it is but Disney has a knack of creating wonderfully camp villains. Here’s our top 10.

#10 Prince Hans (Frozen)

The way he literally leaps into a musical number Love Is An Open Door made us think there’s more to Hans than meets the eye. Finely groomed and incredibly turned out and check out that posture.


#9 Kaa (Jungle Book)

He has the lisp. It’s like a 1970’s BBC sitcom. Plus he has sexy, sexy flute as his theme. The flute is the gayest of all instruments. Seven-year-old me can attest to that.


#8 Mother Gothel (Tangled)

Anyone who has a song called Mother Knows Best is going to be in a top 10 campest list. The dramatics, her maverick moves makes her a prime contestant for Campest Villain.


#7 Syndrome

The hair, the showmanship, the maniacal laugh… This guy has it all.


#6 Maleficent

Icon to drag queens world over, Maleficent has reached our top 10 thanks to Angelina Jolie’s exceptional portrayal of this vile woman. Withering looks, sassy delivery of one liners and knows how to wear a collar.


The scene where she turns up uninvited to the newly born princesses’s party is basically us at Men’s Fashion Week. Awkwardly brilliant.


#5 Evil Queen (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs) 

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Can anyone say Joan Crawford? We rest our case.


#4 Jafar

Possibly one of Disney’s most effeminate nasties of all time – and there’s no doubting his kitsch credentials when he hits that top note in his evil song. Plus he wear shoulder pads like 1985 is going out of fashion and his precision application of eyeliner is truly remarkable.


#3 Scar

Hello. Swish. And Goodbye.


#2 Ursula

Ursula is basically a drag queen. Let’s face it. According to legend, the character was originally based on Divine. We adore how she’s matched her earrings to her skin tone. That’s a real talent.


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#1 Cruella De Vil

Furs furs furs. I mean who wouldn’t give in to a little puppy murder in order to look fashionable? This two toned haired wonder also proves there’s only one way to smoke and that’s with a holder.






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