Eastenders, the soap laden with handsome young men that set our hearts (and pants) alight all year. Here’s 10 reasons why you had to watch the show.

1) David Witts plays Joey Branning on Eastenders…

2) Gary Lucy plays Bi-sexual resident Danny Pennant on Eastenders.

3) Ben Hardy now plays Peter Beale on the soap… one of our favourites!

4) Danny Dyer plays Mick Carter, the new landlord of the Queen Vic, oh and his Son Johnny is pretty hot too… 2 for 1!

But the best news about this is Johnny (Sam Strike) has been hiding his sexuality from his Dad Mick after his sister Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) caught the 19-year-old in the act with Albert Square’s bisexual resident Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy – above) when they kissed in a drunken exchange.
5) Sam Strike as Johnny Carter…

6) Tony Disapline played Tyler Moon in EastEnders…

7) Matt Lapinskas played Anthony Moon, the Brother of Tyler Moon on EastEnders… another 2 for 1!

8) Musician Matt Willis will join the cast of EastEnders in 2014 as Luke, the boyfriend of Stacey Branning, who is played by Lacey Turner

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9) George Sergeant plays Terry Spraggan Jnr in EastEnders…

10) Khali Best plays Dexter in the Hartman family…

So there you have it. 10 reasons to watch EastEnders, we suggest you have a little look. You’ll not want to watch anything else.


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by Kris Searle

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