Hollywood is still learning about inclusivity. Movies with real and relatable LGBT characters can be counted with one hand. But it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty of homoeroticism in movies, especially in the horror film industry.






The following movies have not included any actual gay characters, but nonetheless have ended up creating some of the film industry’s most gay movies. Most of the homoerotic subtext gives a rather fun finish for the films.

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Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

First mention must go to Jeepers Creepers II. It features a monster that has an affliction to eat half-naked teenage boys. Not as an occasional treat, but he seems to be skipping other type of human altogether.

Much of the movie sees the young guys taking every opportunity to take of their shirt and singing songs about fighting cocks. All of this happens, while they loudly accuse each other of being gay.

In truth, this film has a rather sinister and dark feel to it. While the homoerotic horror seems relatively unintentional, the tantalising of younger boys seems creepy. Even more so, when you remember Victor Silva (director/writer) was convicted of having sex with an underage boy in 1988.


Fright Night (1985)


This movie is not entirely a horror movie, as it falls under the category of horror-comedy intentionally. Nevertheless, there’s gayer subtext in the movie than a season of Sherlock.

In fact, not all of it is purely subtext since the main vampire character is undercover in the movie with a hunky boyfriend by his side. He then develops a fixation with the teenage neighbour and seduces another young boy.

Not to mention the movie features a ton of Hollywood’s future LGBT powers, such as Amanda Bearse and gay porn star Stephen Geoffreys.

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The Forsaken (2001)

We’re not sure if this movie can even pass as unintentionally gay, since one of the lead actors has been quizzed about the homoeroticism in the movie. Yet, he’s denied a gay plot line, so we just have to take his word.

The movie sees a young man, Sean, becoming friends with a vampire, Nick. The two end up riding across the US, while a naked woman appears (and no one bats an eyelid) and spend a lot of time staring each other in the eyes.


American Psycho (2000)

There is definitely something extremely homoerotic in the narcissism of Christian Bale’s character. He looks at himself in the mirror while having sex with his female victims and even winks at himself in a very disturbing fashion.

Furthermore, while this blood-crazed lunatic seems to kill everyone who gets in his way, there’s one person who gets to slip away. Yes, a gay character doesn’t get the chop, with the scenes having a certain level of erotic danger in them.

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