Nearly 100 Teachers, union members and students joined forces on Saturday to march in memory of Lucy Meadows, a trans teacher from Accrington in the United Kingdom, who was found dead in her home in March.

Miss Meadows was thrust into the media spotlight after a letter to parents from the head teacher of St. Mary Magdalene’s Primary School, where she was working, regarding her transition was sent to the press in December.

A day later the Daily Mail published a column by Richard Littlejohn that was headlined:

“He’s not only in the wrong body… he’s in the wrong job”


A petition, which called for the resignation of Richard Littlejohn because of the article, garnered over 200,000 signatures in less than a week and a vigil held outside theDaily Mail offices in London in memory of Miss. Meadows attracted over two hundred people.

Daisy Moreton, a 7-year-old student at St. Mary Magdalene’s attended the event on Saturday and according to the Manchester Evening News carried a handwritten poem that she had composed for her late teacher.

The poem read: “Makes you happy/ in high spirits/ smiles/ said kind things./ Made us feel good/ ever helpful/ always nice/ delightful/ one of a kind/ wonderful teacher/ scientist.”


Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, organiser Debs Gwynn, the North West National Union of Teachers Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender representative, said:

“This rally was called for two reasons – to allow the local community to show support and solidarity for what happened and to raise the issue of transphobia more widely.

“I have been talking to parents and pupils today and the kids were supportive of Lucy. And they are devastated that their teacher is now dead.”

She added:

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“It was a great success, lots of people spoke at the end and they were keen to stress that they were there to support Lucy, her family and her colleagues.

An inquest into Miss. Meadows death has been opened and adjourned.

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