If you’re looking for a cheeky upgrade then travel search site Momondo.co.uk have a few recommendations.

how to get an upgrade on your flight

Choose a regional hub

Firstly, fly from a smaller airport, as you are less likely to get an upgrade from a larger airport, especially if that airport is your carrier’s main hub.

Don’t fly in the week

Next, choose weekends to travel, which naturally attract less business travellers, leaving the premium cabins with more free seats.

Join the club

If you aren’t a member of a frequent flyer scheme then join one. Points can easily be turned into upgrades.

Dress smart, look sharp

Many people also recommend dressing smartly on the day, to get upgrades.

You got mail

Getting closer to departure, flyers should check their emails too, as many airlines may offer heavily reduced upgrade offers prior to boarding.

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Be an early bird

Check in early, as if the plane is oversubscribed, your chances of being upgraded rise, if the flight is overbooked.

Talk nuptials

Lastly, mention the wedding! Airline staff are renowned for offering new brides and grooms upgrades and even complimentary champagne on board, to help celebrate their big day.

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What if that didn’t work?

Hansen continues: “If travellers are cheeky, they can also cheat their way to a good seat on board the plane, without paying for an upgrade.”

Perhaps just ask at the check in desk if there’s any chance of an upgrade – but don’t hold your breath!

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