Being crammed into a space not much bigger than a shoe box for hours on end isn’t fun and is not the ideal way to start your holiday. We’ve found 4 cheeky hacks that could get you some much need extra inches.

Momondo’s have come up with 4 hot tips to get a little bit more leg room:

Be seat savvy

If you want the most legroom it often pays to choose the front seats or seats at the emergency exits in the middle of the plane. These have the most legroom, and this is the same pretty much no matter which airline you travel with.

To sit by the emergency exit though, you’ll be required to be healthy and mobile, so you are able to help open the doors in case of an emergency. With some airlines you can choose your seats for free when booking the flight, whereas with others you can select a seat for a small fee.

Prices for choosing seats vary depending on which company you go with, and how far you fly.

Again, arrive early

If you have not selected a seat in advance, we recommend showing up at the airport early to check in. The seats are often allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and you can be lucky enough to get a seat with more legroom.

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Try DIY check-in

Some automatic airport check-in machines allow you to pick your seat for free at check-in time.

Aisle be back

If you want to stretch your legs during the flight, it’s always wise to choose a seat near the aisle too, where it is easier to get out – and take a walk around the cabin.

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