Yas Queen!! If episode 3 and 4 got me excited, this one snatched my wig!

This is what I was looking for: warmth, joy, LGBT history, gay icons from history, gentle life lessons and camp and all this in Gilmore Girls Town. Girl, I was living for this episode.

Following a performance gone bad, Ruby feels low, something that is worsened when finding out AJ is unaware of some of the most iconic performers in history. Diana Ross the main one.

The scene where Ruby tries to explain what a Diana show was like is slightly confusing, as it makes you wonder why she doesn’t show AJ pictures and clips as she has internet. But Ru’s personal passion for Diana makes it work.

Ruby decides to educate on camp and glamour, starting with AJ needing a more sparkly outfit, the girl isn’t convinced about this, though and refuses.

AJ wonders why Ruby is so hung up on all these female performers and why she has no male icons she looks up to. Ruby has one: Bob Mackie and this time she does go online to try and make AJ aware of the famous designer. A good thing she did, as she finds out that there is a museum dedicated to the man close by. Well, six hours away.

This is when we reach the best location yet: Mt Juliet, or as we know it: Stars Hollow – yes the whole episode takes place in Gilmore Girls town!!

There is almost disappointment for Ruby as the museum turns out to be a house, a bed and Breakfast none the less. But things change when she meets the owner Lloyd Johnson who is as passionate about Mackie as she is and realises that the “house” contains all his most famous dresses.

AJ decides to treat Ruby on a night at the museum, then leaves to have some fun of her own.

As Ruby and Lloyd bond over camp and glamour, AJ soon realises she should have kept her money when she finds the puppy she always dreamed of. She quickly hatches a scam with a girl selling lemonade on the square to get the money.

Here we reach the emotional heart of the episode. Ruby receives a call from Cocoa Butter who by now is VERY happy with the officer of her dreams, telling her they found out just who AJ’s mother is. It is worse than we or Ruby could ever have thought.

AJ’s scam backfires when the girl she bought the stall from turns out to have a mother that is rather controlling and cold, wanting the money AJ earned back. Ruby protects her, saying things that are meant for the mother to hear but upset AJ. They fall out.

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If anyone claimed thatRupaul was getting “tired of drag” they should be forced to watch the “Endless Love” scene on a loop until the end of time.

If anyone claimed that Rupaul was getting “tired of drag” they should be forced to watch the “Endless Love” scene on a loop until the end of time. The sheer joy and delight on Ru’s face when she comes down the stairs in that Diana Ross outfit and the perfection with which she mimics Diana’s expressions when she lipsyncs the song: she has waited for this moment all her life!

Meanwhile, Sanchez and Lady danger are still out there, waiting. Though Sanchez isn’t sure he even wants to do all this anymore. He seems regretful and just can’t scam anymore.

This episode makes you long for this being the place where Ruby and AJ settle down: Ruby should marry Lloyd and live her glitter dream forever and AJ should befriend that girl and help her rebel and find herself. But of course, they have to move on, after AJ learns actually having a mum that is “there” isn’t what it is cracked up to be either.

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