The metaphor in episode six might have been about AJ, but in many ways, it could have been about this series. Sometimes things start rough, but if you wait long enough there is a diamond at the core.

Anyone that gave up on this show in the first two episodes, please continue, it gets so, so good!!

At this moment I feel like I have been on a journey with these characters, and after all this time I’ve grown to love them.

Here the team lands in a trailer-park to take a much-needed break. Sadly they don’t get much rest as very soon Ruby gets roped in by three excited women who are desperate for her to produce their show, while AJ befriends a shy boy and becomes obsessed with finding a diamond.

Also, Sanchez and Lady Danger are still on the trail and soon two lovely gay Cowboys have to save Ruby from a snake attack.

This episode in contradiction to episode two gets finding your identity and being yourself so right.

There is Ruby who wants to be herself and loved, but she doesn’t know how to connect anymore.

She thinks she is helping the women by trying to create the best show ever, but they don’t want that.

Ruby trying to rehearse the unwilling Pink Ladies in their Grease performance made me remember all those times when I was in that position. Why do people always want to perform but never rehearse? Why is trying to create something good so wrong in some peoples eyes?

Seeing her talk to her best friend about thinking that maybe she was too much for people to be around made me wish I’d had someone like her in my childhood, a person that actually wanted to put the work in, get the show done. She wouldn’t have been too much for me.

Then AJ was thinking she was worthless and only a diamond would make her grandfather keep her. More layers of her anger are peeled away. 

Then her young friend: his silence hid a desire to be on stage in drag, maybe he could even be transgender. Sadly his conservative gun-toting father would not allow him to wear his dress. The scene where Ruby confronts the father in full pleather Sandy drag was wonderful, but the finish where the son confronts the father himself was a delight!! Yes, being attracted to feminine things doesn’t mean you can’t be strong!!

The cute ending with Ruby and AJ performing “You’re The One That I Want” is adorable.

Episode 7 was a mixed bunch for me. Plus side Latrice Royale and Monique’s heart. Fabulous. RuPaul’s chemistry with Latrice is amazing, Their real-life friendship is clear for all to see.

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As seen in Drag Race Latrice is clearly a gifted actor and it would be wonderful to see more of her in the future.

Meanwhile Ruby flirting and getting it on with a hot guy was great, glad to see her being playful for a change.

Not great: The puppy story. The metaphor was a bit too obvious and the puppy seemed upset in various scenes. At least get an older dog for episodes like these.

Also: sometimes both children and dogs are better of in a new home even though they might be homesick even if the unfit parents love them.

The barbeque wasn’t needed either, as the scene didn’t really work or went anywhere we didn’t already know. Most Ru fans know she doesn’t like seeing people eat or eating in public and her discomfort was clear.

Sanchez giving in to Lady Danger’s emotional and sexual blackmail, why? I mean … yuck.

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Which brings me to another plus side: Latrice and her drag gang getting that bi*ch good. Come through Miss Royale!!

About the author: Dannii Cohen

Dannii Cohen is a stand-up comedian (drag name Divine Varod) and comedy writer turned author, psychologist, professional counselor, life coach and self-help expert. Specialized in LGBT issues, anxiety, empowerment, children's issues and bullying.

Published works include children's books about childhood depression and the importance of being yourself (When Clouds Hide The Sun and Christopher the Lonely Bear) and an easy to use self help manual 50 Things To Know To Have A Better Life: Self-Improvement Made Easy.