TV REVIEW| Dancing On The Edge

★★★★ Dancing On The Edge

A superbly rich and decadent five part BBC2 drama, Dancing On The Edge is a refreshing burst of historic splendour detailing the introduction of jazz to a reserved and stagnant British elite.

Set in the 1930s, at a time when anything was possible, this Stephen Poliakoff story evolves around the acceptance of black jazz acts amongst the aristocracy; a time where a new generation was exploding with hope and possibility before the onset of World War II.

An abundance of the impeccably dressed, smoky rooms, glamour and jazz epitomise such a period. Although the story flowed with relative ease, certain elements came at a much slower pace. However this slow reveal of the story line will no doubt fill audiences with anticipation across the next few episodes. The attention to detail and quality of the decorative sets were wonderfully executed, making one feel envious of this lavish period. One was made to feel that this was a significant time of change, with easily relatable characters, namely Stanley, played by the wonderful Matthew Goode.

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Throughout there was a subtle level of humour which broke up the underlying unease of scandal. The first episode displayed parts of filmic elegance, but at times failed maintain the same level of continuity. Regardless of these few negatives, I am already seduced and looking forward to the next installment of this irresistible jazz drama.

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