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  • TV REVIEW | Looking, Season 1

    The search for happiness starts with LOOKING Rumoured as the gay version of Sex and the City, Looking is not your typical gay drama. Usually, gay dramas tend to include either drug-fuelled sex orgies with someone eventually dying of AIDS or ridiculously good looking men just sleeping with each other in unbelievable circumstances and situations. […]

  • TV REVIEW | Red Dwarf XI Episode 6: Can Of Worms

    ★★★★ | Red Dwarf XI Episode 6: Can Of Worms So another very different episode. A very unique one too as it gives the, long overdue, lead to the Cat (Danny John-Jules). Even though the trope is simple: Cat finds love but all is not what it seems, the execution isn’t; Just when we think […]

  • REVIEW: Red Dwarf XI Episode 5 – KRYSIS

    Red Dwarf has used various styles this series and this new episode is no different. After a fast paced big cast episode, a filmic flashback, a horror time travel episode and a body horror technology based episode we have another first for the series: cute and fuzzy friendship feels!! ★★★★ This episode proves just how […]

  • REVIEW | Red Dwarf XI, Episode 3, Strongest yet

    REVIEW | Red Dwarf XI, Episode 3, Strongest yet

    ★★★★ | Red Dwarf, Give and Take   Tonight’s episode of Red Dwarf (Thursdays at 9PM on Dave) might be the series strongest yet! After it’s release on UKTV Play last week fans called it the “Most Dwarfy Episode since series 6”. And it’s easy to see why: Rimmer (Chris Barrie) is at his most […]

  • TV REVIEW | The Royals

    ★★★★ | The Royals When I first heard of this riotous royal romp, I thought no, cant be, can it? A soap opera based on our royal family, with good old Brit Liz Hurley as Queenie? But, yes, it can be and it is. And actually it isn’t half bad – if you suspend disbelief […]

  • TV REVIEW: Grace And Frankie, Intelligently funny

    “If anyone gets to sit on Ryan Gosling’s face it’s me…” And with that iconic line, I hereby crown Grace and Frankie, the new Netflix Original, a hit. Chalk and cheese duo Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin), can’t stand each other, however for the last 40 years, they’ve been in each other’s life’s. […]

  • TV REVIEW | Cucumber, Banana, Tofu

    ★★★★ | Cucumber, Banana, Tofu He’s a clever bugger that Russell T. Bloke – you know the one who is basically is the godfather of Gay TV. Forget Kim Kardashian breaking the internet, Russell T Davies’s Queer As Folk broke terrestrial television with many asses back in 1999 and it looks as though he’s about […]

  • Gay Webseries Review | Eastsiders

    ★★★★ | Eastsiders Cal and Thom are both in their late 20s and been together for 4 years as a couple in Silverlake California, when their relationship is severely tested after Cal discovers that Thom has been cheating on him with Jeremy. As they explore the consequences of how this infidelity will effect them there […]

  • TV REVIEW | Stephen Fry’s Out There

    TV REVIEW | Stephen Fry’s Out There

    ★★★★ You know when the intelligent heavyweight that is Stephen Fry puts his name to any programme that people will listen.

  • TV REVIEW| Dancing On The Edge

    ★★★★ Dancing On The Edge A superbly rich and decadent five part BBC2 drama, Dancing On The Edge is a refreshing burst of historic splendour detailing the introduction of jazz to a reserved and stagnant British elite.

  • TV REVIEW | Dante’s Cove

    “Softporn with a story line…” is what a friend had told me and he wasn’t wrong.