TV REVIEW | Red Dwarf XII Episode 4: Mechocracy

2nd November 2017 1 By Dannii Cohen

So after a very divisive episode last week, we are presented with a very uniting one this week.

Mechocracy has been hailed as one of the best episodes since series 6 and it’s easy to see why.

This episode has Rimmer and Lister bickering, Kryten on cheeky form, the Cat in a bit of a pickle and the return of an old “friend” or rather “frennimy”.

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The Dwarfers find themselves in trouble when all the machines go on strike and demand a leader to do their bidding. Soon the boys find themselves locked in a gloves-at-dawn election battle complete with smear campaigns and Rimmer (or rather Chris Barrie) doing a pitch-perfect David Cameron impression.
A wonderful idea with some very nostalgic moments that fit seamlessly into the episode and reminds us of the fact that this series leads us into the 30th anniversary year.

Red Dwarf continues on Dave TV tonight at 9PM