This is a two in one review that I hope you will enjoy.

Last week Drag Race presented us with Rupaul teaching the queens all about promotion, using her own book Guru as a tool for a fun mini challenge.

The episode also included a visit from the lovely Jinx Monsoon who coached the girls into the always much anticipated snatch game.

That segment proved a clear problem some queens always have: when told their strengths and weaknesses – or what may or may not work they never listen. Or they only take it on board when it’s too late. If Ru or a seasoned queen makes it clear they think you’d be better suited to do a character they know you excel at: do it!!

So Snatch Game itself was … uneven, the ones that were good were good, the ones that were not absolutely bombed!

Silky won overall. Now her Snatch Game was good but what does Nina West have to do to be noticed? She presented two wonderfully funny characters and completely changed up her look and still she just gets a “well done, byeee!!”

It must be discouraging to be working so hard and never be seen.

The runway was a fabulous sequin spectacle with Brooke Lynn Heights pulling a beautiful mega reveal. Sadly as she failed on Snatch Game it didn’t do her much good.

Then the much talked about lip-sync: Yvie vs Brooke Lynn.

I know a lot of fans say this was the best lip-sync ever but it wasn’t for me. Yes, it was good but I prefer ones that don’t use acrobatics but instead have real dancing or the ones where the queens are so into the song it seems as if they sing it themselves.

Still it was good, so good in fact no-one sashayed away.

This week saw the library open for one of the strangest of Reading challenges. This it seemed as if non of the girls really knew how to really read and were better at clapping back. Silky and her footnote was the strangest one of all. Brooke Lynn was absolutely the best and deserved her win. Future queens better go and watch Paris is Burning to get schooled in reading like a pro!!

One of the rewards of winning her reading challenge was that Brooke Lynn got to select who teamed up with who for this weeks main challenge. An improv police series called: L.A.D.P.: Los Angeles Drag Patrol. There was some shade involved in her choices, but also a little wisdom. Pairing a more subdued queen with a vocal one can work – and it did for most of them.

The challenge itself was fun for the most with Silky and Brooke Lynn shining (it was not surprising Nina felt some kind of way giving Brooke Lynn the part she had wanted to do herself. She ended up being barely featured in the scene at all!!) But the absolute star was A’Keria Davenport who finally felt ready to let go. She was funny and an absolute twerk star!

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The real winner, to me, though was RuPaul. The delivery of her connecting secretary scenes were hilarious – especially when she was “speaking cat”.

So, talking about cats: sad to say Plastique Tiara and Miss Vanjie were … not there – they looked great and their thing could have been funny, if they had prepared a little more. Also two cats fighting over milk. Did no-one even think about fighting over Milk? As in the former contestant? It could have made the joke a lot better.

Then the runway, this week category is the Facekini. Though the show says it’s based on Ru’s iconic wearing of the facial garment, the original for this look is course Leigh Bowery, which is mentioned by Nina West who wears an outfit inspired by him. Sadly, though her look is one of the best, she doesn’t get singled out and just ends up “safe”.

Absolute winner is A’Keria who also slays the runway, a well deserved win.

Over to one of the most cozy and cheerful Untuckeds ever. The girls were at their calmest: talking like friends and just being happy an friendly with each other. It’s good to have episodes like this once in a while.

The bottom two was right: both Vanjie and Plastique were just not on point in both the challenge and the runway. Vanjie was clearly ready to slay a lip-sync, having prepared herself every week and easily beat Plastique.

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From all kinds of whispers it is clear we do not have to mourn the loss of our Asian Queen for long, her popularity might spur her on to All stars 5. If you can’t wait that long, take a look at what she did next here:

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