★★★★★ | Little Death Club, London

The best type of shows at the theatre have always been the ones that give you a bit of everything; comedy, singing, live music, and perhaps throwing in some death-defying performances, drag, and gratuitous nudity is always welcome. Little Death Club gives us this and more!

Playing until Sunday June 23rd, 2019, Little Death Club has literally something for everyone (the straights, the gays and all the in betweens).

Compered by the sexy and slutty Bernie Dieter, she guides us through the all too short (one hour) show and introduces the acts, but she is an act unto herself. She sarcastically delivers with a Berlin/Rocky Horror sluttiness style, all with a bang, and involving some lucky male audiences members whom she involves in a bit of mischievous. But then immediately the acts come out fast and furious. The lithe and built body of the ever so graceful Beau Sargent who wows the crowd, scantily clad of course, as he does acrobatics and does bends and turns where the audience can see every line on his body; to the amazing Fancy Chance who hangs and spins by her hair – literally – and then decides she doesn’t need to wear any clothes – and does the spinning again – in the nude.

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Myra Dubios provides laughter and glamour to the proceedings, while disgruntled Josh Glanc tells why he is not a happy mine. But the show ends with a bang by the amazing Kitty Bang Bang, who eats fire and spits it out – so don’t get too close to her. This and more is showcased to a very happy audience at the Underbelly in the Southbank. You get a lot of bang for your buck, and you’ll want to go back and see it again (I will). The Spiegeltent, which has been home to many many cabaret and burlesque shows, might have found it’s best one yet. It’s excellent, breath-taking, hilarious, sexy, and with a bar attached to quench your thirst. What more could you ask for in a night at the theatre? It sure beats watching Dame Maggie Smith delivering a 100 minute monologue that’s for sure.

Little Death Club plays at the Underbelly Festival Southbank until 23rd June 2019, click here for more details