‘Sport doesn’t care who you are – Everyone can take part,’ is the message being offered by Samsung in their Paralympics video (linked below) which we completely agree with.

It’s such a wonderful thing that the Olympics and Paralympics involves all people of the World who come together as friends to battle their mental and physical strengths to win medals but most of all personal glory. It just seems a shame that many countries of the World still persecute their homosexual athletes who are winning them medals, which is no surprise why there are only 2 openly gay athletes in the Paralympics, both from team GB, Lee Pearson the equestrian athlete (pictured) and Claire Harvey the Volleyball Sitting athlete. It was very similar in the Olympics with only 23 openly gay athletes out of the 14,000 who took part.



If you haven’t switched onto the Paralympics yet (Channel 4), then watch this clip below, be inspired, be educated, be supportive.


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Watch Paralympics Video Here

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