US swimmer, Abrahm DeVine, comes out as gay

“I’m a gay athlete. There aren’t too many of us”


US swimmer, Abrahm DeVine has come out as gay in an inspiring interview in Swimming World Magazine. 

Before coming out to his teammates, 22-year-old DeVine described his worry on how they would react on hearing the news. He said, “I’m a gay athlete. There aren’t too many of us, so when I came out to my college team, that was a really tough time for me.”

However, to their credit his teammates were nothing but supportive.

He said, “I remember that being a pretty emotional time, and just feeling my whole team wrap around me and feeling that love in a place where I hadn’t really felt it, that was definitely special for me.

“Just seeing them kind of prove me wrong was definitely special, something I’ll never forget.”

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DeVine comes from Seattle, Washington and studies at Standford University. He has swum for the US Nations and World Championship.

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