A Glaswegian man faces jail after the court hears how he battered three lovers in an abuse case that spans 10 years.

Kevin Conway, 29, a bank manager from Glasgow has appeared in court after three men accused him of battery and abuse, which spanned a decade.

Paul Scrase, Mark MacDonald and Andrew Fleming all accused Conway of beating them whilst in a relationship with Conway.


During one savage beating Conway hit Scrase over the head with a candle stick which left Scarse needing stitches and he head butted MacDonald breaking his nose. Fleming also told of how Conway had threatened to pour boiling water from a kettle on him.

The abuse left Fleming ‘terrified’.

The Daily Record reports that in other attacks Conway had threatened to have someone rape Fleming.


Conway accused the men of lying and claimed that he had suffered domestic abuse, however, the sheriff rejected these claims.

The Glasgow Sheriff court is a local court service in Scotland, based in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. The court deals with an assortment of cases including: Solemn and summary criminal cases, fine payments, and civil actions.

Conway was convicted of 10 charges of assault.


Paul Scrase said:
‘It’s a great sense of relief, the sheriff has seen exactly who he is and what ¬ behaviours he had demonstrated.

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‘When the domestic abuse task force approached me I was shocked.’

Conway will be sentenced later in February.

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