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From our partners at GayFitnessUK: Our eternal search for an orgasm is important to us both as individuals and as a society. So we’re here to help you get the best orgasm you possibly can.

Luckily there’s been plenty of research into the topic of how to get more bang for your buck!

1. Strong abs = a strong orgasm


Not only will a great set of abs make you more likely to have sex, but they’ll also make you have better sex. In fact, extreme core workouts have even been known to lead to spontaneous orgasms in the gym (although mostly with women) and working your core to the point of fatigue is a great way to get all those nerve endings firing “down there”.

2. Boost your testosterone

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It’s no surprise that higher testosterone levels increase your chance of achieving an orgasm, it is the sex hormone after all. So if you’re planning a sexy encounter, then head to the gym and smash out some high-intensity interval training, or lift a load of heavy, manly weights. Compound moves like the bench press or deadlifts have been shown to increase T-levels, and according to researchers at Athens’ Military Hospital in Greece, the more testosterone a man has in his bloodstream, the better his chances of achieving orgasm.

3. Yoga and meditation

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If you’ve ever been to a sex therapist or read one of their blogs, the key to achieving a full-bodied orgasm is through controlled breathing. Deep regular breaths allow for prolonged lovemaking and a more satisfying orgasm, whereas short rapid breathing tends to increase excitement and push you “over the edge”. Slow and controlled exercise like a yoga class will instil in you the importance of deep breathing and connecting your breath to the movement.

Which would you prefer, a short, panting pounding, or slow, deep thrusts?

4.Kegel exercises


You’ve heard of these right? You can do your kegals whenever wherever you are. I’m doing mine right now. The pubococcygeal (PC) muscle is at the floor of your pelvis and controls both your urination flow and the spasms during climax. Squeezing as if you were holding back your pee will help to develop your PC power. Try and do 20 squeezes, three times a day.

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