Nite Watches Review

If you like the solid feel of cool metal against the wrist and a sleek sophisticated design, then Nite watches are for you.

Nite Watches Review

The all black MX10 400T with deep orange numerics give the watch a seductive and sharp appearance. You can see why it’s worn by military, adventurers and extreme sports people, with its masculine and rugged style.

The extra secure double lock strap will allow you to perform any strenuous activity without the fear of it coming loose. The crystal face has a triple anti-reflective coating plus the hands and numerics illuminate in darkness, making this watch readable whether you be on a sunny mountain top or coming out of a night club at 3am, (depending on levels of alcohol!)

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With a swiss movement and 4 years battery life, this watch has been built its best so you can perform your best everyday. I just wish there were a few more mountains around London to test the watch on and feel all man.

Available from for £199.