This is a brief overview of the LGBT and gay rights situation in Croatia

In 2017 Croatia ranks number 10 ranking out of 49 countries in Europe according to ILGA. It’s just above Sweden and below The Netherlands. Its capital city is Zagreb, which is where the majority of its LGBT venues and services are.

It has three main prides in Zagreb, Split and Osikek.


Is same-sex sexual activity legal?
Legal since 1977

Age of consent
The age of consent was equalised in 1998 and is currently set at 15 years old

Military service
Gays and lesbians are permitted to serve in the country’s military


Same-sex marriage legal
Same-sex marriage is not legal in Croatia and its ban is written into the Croatian constitution.

It was decided as part of a public referendum which determined that marriage could only be between a man and a woman.

Same-sex partnerships legal
Same-sex partners cohabitations have been legal since 2003, in 2014 the country added Life partnerships, which afford sex couples the same rights as married couples, except in adoption rights.


Discrimination protections
LGBTs are protected from discriminations since 2003.

Gender identity

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Changing your legal gender is permitted by law.

Blood donation
People who have sex with people of the same sex are prohibited by law in donating blood.

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