It goes without saying that Madonna has a large gay following and sometimes as a gay man it’s expected that you have your membership card all paid-up and subscribed…

Madonna’s been entertaining the masses for decades, reinventing herself, releasing hit after hit and much of her success has been won by exciting one of music’s three big marketing “Gs” – The Gays. The others in case you’re wondering are: the Golden Oldies and the Girls. She’s been a strong ally in the fight for equal rights for the LGBT community and she’s been a leader in pushing gender boundaries for years. Leading US magazine Advocate claim that she is the greatest gay icon. But she has also been criticised by the gay community. Notably, she upset many when she called Kale, yes the green leafy veg, gay.

However, we asked our readers what they thought about the Vogue superstar now and the answers were slightly surprising.

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The responses were 50/50 positive / negative. So has Madge lost her touch with the gay community? Or aren’t we the stereotypes that everyone expects us to be?