Think that your internet is playing up, lagging or slower than it should be? Use our Internet Speed Checker to find out what speed your broadband is.


Use our free Broadband speed checker to find out whether your internet is fast as it should be. If the speed isn’t what you’re expecting you can try a couple of things to speed up your connection.

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Check my broadband speed. A free broadband and internet speed checker.
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  1. Restart your computer. It’s a cliché but its true. Most technical issues can be sorted by a simple turn off and turn on.
  2. Restart your router. Again. Simple and should sort out most problems. Leave around 20 seconds before plugging in your device again.
  3. Close down some apps or browsers on your computer. There might be some programmes running in the background that are sapping up your broadband.
  4. Check to see if anyone or any device is streaming music or TV. These can take up a large volume of data and may be responsible for your slower broadband.
  5. Check to see if there’s a black/brownout of services in your area.

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