What to wear to look sexy at the gym: Locker Room 101

What to wear to look sexy at the gym: Locker Room 101

Deciding what to put in your gym bag is not an easy task.

You want to look sexy in the gym but not too thirsty. You want to appear playful but not desperate. You want functionality but you don’t wanna be basic. Most importantly you wanna be ready for anything the gym and the locker room has in store for you. You never know, that dream about the hunky PT might come true one day. Rest assured though, THEGAYUK has you covered.

Here is Locker Room 101, your one and only guide for everything you need in your gym bag!

1. Pedal to the Kettle Activewear: Terry Cotton Shorts

Remember when we said you wanted to be functional but not basic? Pedal to the Kettle Activewear sets the bar on this. The Aussie newcomer is known throughout Oz for its high-quality fabrics and functional, yet stylish activewear. These shorts are no exception to the rule. Made out of a blend of French Terry Cotton and polyester, they are both breathable and comfortable in and out of the gym. The minimalist design is subtle enough to cross over into everyday casual wear and you can instantly feel the high quality of the fabrics, as soon as you pick them up.


They’re also the perfect length for showing off the leg day gains and the well-deserved bubble butt you’re now rocking. So they’re guaranteed to get you some attention too. Maybe even from your gym crush, if you’re lucky!

Available at: pedaltothekettleactivewear.com

2. JJ Malibu: Baewatch Bikini: Lucky Panda

For those of you lucky enough to have a pool in your gym or maybe a cheeky hot tub, I present to you the perfect mixture of cute yet sexy swimwear. JJ Malibu has truly outdone themselves here on the cuteness factor. The panda emoji design is scattered across these slinky speedos and is guaranteed to make you the centre of attention. A sure fire way to make all men at the pool and even that cute lifeguard stand to attention. As the brand says, this lucky panda is intent on getting you lucky!

Wearing these speedos really does bring out your fun and cheeky side and they’re definitely a conversation starter. It may be the fact that the flattering cut emphasised my package and bubble butt. However, I’ll try to keep it down to the cute panda on my crotch. My ass was slapped a few times though. Either way, they’re definitely a winner in our eyes!

Available at: jjmalibu.com

3. Bullseye Gear: Police Dept Navy Blue Swim Brief

Carrying on with the fun and sexy swimwear, next on our list is Bullseye Gear’s Police Dept Navy Swim Brief. The flattering cut of these swim briefs helps emphasise you in all the right places and like our panda speedos, are a definite conversation starter. With police printed across your booty, feel free to make some arrests. Just be careful of withdrawing your pistol from its holster around the pool. Maybe save that part for the locker room!

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Available at: bullseyegear.net

4. BOX Menswear: White Brief

Definitely not your dad’s tighty whities, these classic briefs from BOX Menswear should be a definite staple in any man’s gym bag. With a flattering cut and premium quality fabrics, these briefs are perfect for gym workouts and everyday wear. We’ll be honest they look pretty great in locker room selfies too. Not that we’ve been paying close attention to their Instagram page or anything…

Available at: boxmenswear.com

5. Andrew Christian: VIBE Reaction Tank

Whenever you hear the words, Andrew Christian, you know it’s gonna be something sexy. This tank is no different. From their VIBE range of sporty but sexy activewear, this tank is both breathable, functional and sexy AF when on. Showing just the right amount of skin, the breathable fabric allows you to workout to your heart’s content, without the dreaded sweat stains. Not a cute look boo!

Trust us on this, we tested it through a HIT workout and it held its own. Making it the perfect tank to wear for the token gym selfie. Let’s face it if it isn’t on Insta, did you even workout?

Available at: andrewchristian.com


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