Where can I buy poppers in Bristol?
Poppers are the inexpensive and legal drug that many guy, bi and curious guys sniff during sex, but where can you buy them from if you're in Edinburgh.

Are poppers / room aromas legal in Scotland

First off, yes Poppers are a legal drug in Scotland and across the UK. This became a legal sticking point in 2016 when Poppers and their legality were up for debate in the parliament.

However, if you’re in the need of picking up aromas right now in Edinburgh, you might find that your pickings are rather short, but there are a few high locations that you can try out.

Firstly, Qstore can be found in the city at 5 Barony Street, EH3, 6PD. There’s also Private Lines, which is located at 60 Elm Rw, EH7 4AQ.

You can also try the local gay sauna, one is called The Pound which is located at 5 Broughton Market, Phone number: 0131 477 3567.

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However, if you’re looking for a more online option, you can always buy poppers online. A number of shops exist that sell room aromas. The shop, THEGAYSHOP has a wide variety.

Are poppers legal in the UK?

Where can you buy poppers and room aromas in Edinburgh?

It is completely legal to consume and sell poppers in the UK. In 2017 there were fears that the Conservative government would outlaw their sale and usage, however, poppers were proven to not be a psychoactive substance and so the government made a U-turn and decided against making the liquid illegal.

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If you’re wondering whether poppers are safe to use, then read our advice on them here.

What else is LGBT+ in Scotland?

Edinburgh has a number of LGBT+ / gay venues including Sauna and Bars in the Edinburgh area.

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