Here’s a list of businesses which have publicly pulled their advertising spend from the Daily Mail or Mail Online

In 2016 Lego announced that it would no longer advertise saying that they were “not planning any future promotional activity with the newspaper”. It was one of the first large brands to pull away from the right-wing press.

The Body Shop ended their advertising contracts saying to Buzzfeed, “We have always supported human rights – it is part of our ‘enrich not exploit commitment’ – and when an editorial stance seems to go against that Commitment, we consider seriously whether we will support it.”

In September Online fashion store JOY said that they would end an online advertising agreement with DM and the Daily Express, saying, “It was recently brought to our attention by @StopFundingHate that our ads were appearing next to transphobic and racist articles… JOY is a brand that pride themselves on diversity and inclusion, and we would never want to associate ourselves with these viewpoints. From now on we will be monitoring our ad placements much more closely…”

Also in September 2017, Evans Cycles blacklisted the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express from its online advertising spend.

In December 2017, Paperchase made a commitment not to advertise with the outlet in the future.

In Feb 2018, after a Richard Littlejohn column, Center Parcs and Southbank Centre both pulled their advertising from the Daily Mail.

According to, other companies that have effectively joined an advertising boycott include:

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Phone Co-Op, Triodos Bank, ETA Services, The Ethical Shop, Thread, Bellroy, Ethical Superstore, Vision Express, Abel And Cole, Riverford, Farmdrop, Ocado, Ecotricity, Good Energy, Green Energy UK, Bulb Energy, Said Business School, Derby University, 


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