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Apparently, if you want a man to lie ask him the length of his penis.

which men are most likely to lie about their penis size

SaucyDates have conducted a survey to find out which country’s men are most likely to exaggerate the size of their manhoods. The site asked men their penis sizes and then asked women, “what was the size of the penis of the last man you had sex with”.

It’s all very sciency – and of course, we’re riveted.

So men in the United States were most likely to lie about the length – saying that their penises were 7.2 inches long – when in actuality, the women they slept with said the penises were only 6.6 inches long.

However, the most exaggerated claims came from Austrailian men, who said their manhoods were 7.09 inches long. The women weren’t having any of it and said that the dicks were only 5.58 inches. Making them, apparently, the least honest about their size.


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Only 3.6% of British men lied about their size in which they claimed that their size was 6.89 inches when in reality women thought they were more like 6.64 inches.

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It’s all very precise and we’re wondering how these women measured and what technique they busted out mid-sex in order to get an accurate measurement.

Indian men were the most likely to undersell their penis size by nearly 4 per cent.

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