James McVey is in the jungle, but is he dating anyone and what is he most famous for?

James McVey is in the jungle, but is he dating anyone and what is he most famous for?

Is James McVey dating anyone, is James from the Vamps gay,

Twenty-four-year-old James McVey is the guitarist for the band, The Vamps. The band has been together since 2011, when he met his fellow bandmates on YouTube and Facebook.

Together the band has amassed five top 10 singles and their last album, Night and Day reached number one in the charts. James himself is the third most popular member of the group on social media with nearly 1.8 million followers on Twitter. His bandmate Connor Ball is the most popular with over 2 million followers.

Is James McVey gay?

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Nope, James McVey has never identified as gay or bisexual and is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kirstie Brittain, who is a model. The pair started dating at the end of 2014. They split but later reunited. Prior to Kirstie, James was romantically linked to Game of Thrones actor, Sophie Turner. However, the pair had an acrimonious split on Twitter in July 2014.

Is James McVey Married?

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No, not yet at least. James is currently dating his model girlfriend, 22-year-old Kirstie Brittain. They’ve been together since late 2014, but there’s been no talk of marriage or engagement, yet.






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