What does pansexual and pansexuality mean?
Pansexuality could be described as "Hearts not parts"

Pansexuals are all about “Hearts not parts”

Pansexuality, might not be on your radar as much as homosexuality or bisexuality, but it’s all-inclusive nature has got people falling in love with the sexual and romantic orientation that is pansexuality – which is, essentially hearts, not parts – you fall in love and lust with the heart of someone, not just their biological sex or gender expression.

We asked readers for their best description, here’s what one person told us

“As a 21-year-old pansexual male, I found that there was a lot of stigma that went with being pansexual and many people don’t understand/know what it means.

“To me, it’s different for different people, I personally think that in my eyes, gender/sexual-orientation does not count towards anything in the way of attraction and in the way of love. I believe that you fall in love with the person and not their genitals or what gender they are attracted to.

“I have dated various genders, various people with different sexual orientations and yes they have been very different partners and have been very different relationships however the one thing that is, all the same, is the feelings towards that person. The spark that I have felt towards each individual person and that feeling was not towards there genitals, it was towards them as people.

“My opinion of pansexuality is love.

What does pansexual and pansexuality mean?

Another user, Alex, told us,

“Love without gender, connection without exclusion, and plenty of fish in the sea”

and another, Eggy, wrote,

“sexual attraction regardless of gender”

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