With a theme that suggests a continuation of USA Vs. UK are we likely to see a mix of American and British talent go head to head to win Summer CBB 2015?

There’s lots of noise and hubbub (yep we said hubbub) about who is actually going into the Summer Celebrity Big Brother house and we’re excited.

Here’s who’s rumoured…


Tom Daley

Tom is no stranger to a bit of reality TV having starred in Splash! and Around The World With Daley
Dean Gaffney
Famous for his dog, Wellhard in EastEnders, Dean is a bookies favourite to be entering into CBB
She’s not afraid of a bit of confrontation as we found out in XFACTOR, which is no bad thing in the world of CBB.
Dan Osborne

Dan would bring his abs and bum to the table.


Carol Vorderman

Basically as pointed out in W1A if CBB has snagged Carol they’ve struck gay oil…



Janice Dickinson

JD will up the campness to anything she stars in.


David Gest

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Ditto for David…


Kathy Griffin

When gay planets collide you get Kathy.


Jenna Jameson

Basically, we have no idea…

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Hulk Hogan

Just for the memories



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