Who is Scott R Brunton and What is he famous for?

Scott R Brunton has been catapulted into the headlines, but who is he and what is he most famous for?


Scott R Brunton is a former model, who lived in Hollywood. In the early 80s, he says that he worked as a waiter whilst his career as a commercial actor was still in its infancy. He says he met Star Trek actor, George Takei in Los Angles and the two became friends.

After Brunton and his boyfriend of the time split up, Brunton recalls that he went to George Takei’s home for a couple of drinks. There is an update to this story now. Read here.

Acting and modelling history

Scott R Brunton doesn’t seem to have much in terms of an internet history – he has no IMDB credits under the name of Scott R Brunton or no Wikipedia page.

He starred in a West Coast Coolers advert which was shot in Ibiza – He also had shoots for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and many other print jobs.

In The Hollywood Reporter, it is stated that Brunton was a commercial actor and a model.

What is he currently doing?

Brunton is now self-employed and lives in Oregon with his husband. They married in 2013.

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38 responses to “Who is Scott R Brunton and What is he famous for?”

  1. This is BS, Scott R. Brunton needs to get a life, I don’t believe a word of this shit. I, personally, think ppl are trying to get $$$$$ from these actors/famous ppl, ever since the Harvey Weinstein accusations came forth, some stories I’m sure are true, but I feel like that opened the gates for all these gold diggers to try to get free $$$$. So, I don’t believe a damn word of this particular, single accusation. jmo

  2. Who is this guy? Another pitiful Hollywood failure who smells a big payday if he can just get someone to buy his ancient, proof-free fantasy.

      • Please think about what you just said. The Republicans hired a nobody to make a one-time groping claim, back in ’81, against a now very old actor… to get back at the Democrats. Because of Judge Roy Moore. Yeah. OK. That makes ALL the sense in the world?

        • Brunton said he had developed a friendship with Takei, then in his mid-40s, through the gay nightlife scene.

          One night, he said the two went back to the actor’s home for a drink, which left him feeling dizzy. Brunton claimed he came to with Takei “groping my crotch and trying to get my underwear off.”

          Was he a regular drinker?

          And where were his pants?

          Takei’s sexuality had been an open secret among Star Trek fans since the 1970s, and Takei did not conceal his active membership in LGBT organizations, including Front runners, where he developed public friendships with openly gay couples such as Kevin and Don Norte

          In October 2005, Takei revealed in an issue of Frontiers magazine that he is gay and had been in a committed relationship with his partner, Brad Altman, for 18 years; the move was prompted by then California governor Arnold
          Schwarzenegger’s veto of same-sex marriage legislation.

          No mention of Roy Noore

          • I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me. I’m aware of all of this. What I’m not aware of, is why Bruce is claiming that this is all a huge ruse of the Republicans to get back at the Democrats ”because of Judge Roy Moore”? How is this a ”win” for Judge Moore and the Republicans?

            I know the accusations against Judge Moore, I know that he’s claiming that these women/woman are paid shills to keep him from being elected. What I don’t understand is that there’s now a conspiracy to get back at the Democrats for this by paying, essentially, a nobody, to claim that George T. drugged and groped him. How is this a win for Judge Moore??? How does this exonerate him??? This makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. Bruce is just making things up and starting shit where there isn’t any. And quit frankly, I find it disgusting that he’s taking these men’s lives, a very tumultuous, traumatic thing for them both, and turning it into his own political game. And it doesn’t even make any sense!!!

            Shame on you, Bruce, especially if you’re gay! You’re obviously a Democrat, your sleazy accusations prove that, but if you’re gay, your game just makes it that much worse.

            Signed, A straight Conservative woman who doesn’t have any tolerance for this kind of political BS. The LGBT community has enough trouble without this kind of instigation from you.

          • You seem surprisingly quick to call this an “LGBT Community” issue, and to hold Bruce to a higher standard to account for sexuality.

            So let’s talk about how 1) Shitty people can be gay too, 2) Gay people can be conservative, too, 3) Shitty Conservative gay people can cause particular problems for liberal people by deliberately encouraging a form of societal homophobia in support of their conservative causes, and 4) this is a thing that is actively happening in support of Trump’s causes.

            Evidence for this comes in the form of one Milo Yiannopoulos.

            I’m not making accusations about Brunton or Takei with this. Takei has a case to answer and I hope he does so openly and without deliberate redirection tactics that might dissuade people genuinely harmed by those in power from coming forward.

            However, it would suit someone with a conservative agenda to encourage this, for the simple reason that either 1) a prominent liberal person is socially weakened, or 2) people historically abused by conservative men with power would be discouraged from doing so. For Trump and his supporters, this is a win/win situation, and it’s disgusting, and I loathe them for it, and I do not for a second put this sort of thing past them.

  3. In no way am i excusing the man’s testimony, and I can promise you men do sexually harass others, regardless of the person’s gender. That said, the two were on a date, after dinner and drinks, and the man is essentially saying T. drugged him, he passed out, and was met with unwelcome sexual touching, They went back to T. place, he obviously found T. attractive if he went out with him, and yet he’s acting like he was a choirboy raped on his way to Catholic school. I don’t know T, and he was on a tv show in the 60s, so i’m not even clear why this story is getting such headlines, other than it’s part of the current and fair public damning of sexual harassment and sexual assault. I HOPE the accuser is lying. It would be easier to accept that some guy is maybe going after a d-list celeb for other reasons than some high moral ground he’s claiming here. NO ONE, of ANY GENDER or AGE should ever be subjected to unwanted touching, and i wish the Trump voters had also felt that way a year ago. The victim, if true, deserves the acceptance of his story, though it needs some evidence, even in this court of public trail, to back the notion up that T. was raping him. Again, the man’s accusation bears the same legal and moral concern any sexually assaulted person does, but the dumber part of me wishes Maury Povich would do a “Lie Detector Test” on these two, and see who is not being truthful, which could be either, both or none. It’s not evidence accepted in a court of law, but in the tabloid, public court of judgement, the “Lie detector’s gonna tell us who’s really the daddy” thing IS. #MeToo

    • The both good and bad thing about this accusation, is that it’s not easily dismissable as being about homophobia or gay stereotypes, but it’s remotely possible it could be, i guess. The sad joke about it all, is that T. guy was on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”, where Trump said to a female contestant, who was clearly completely dumbstruck by the out-of-where response, that seeing her ‘On her knees would be a pretty sight.”. And in the final cut of the tv show, despite more sane and ethical thinking, Trump LEFT THAT IN ~! Trump showed that he is completely fine and dandy with sexually harassing women In the ‘boardroom’. The female contestant, whoever she was, with moth literally agape, looked at Trump with a total. “WTF?” look, like he just told her he was going to rape, kill, and eat her.

    • George Takei is well known and like with many followers both on twitter and facebook, farther he has not shied away for political comments about Combover Caligula though he went easy at first due to being on twitter’s show the Apprentice.
      And that is why he has the breitbart trolls out in their shitcaked underoos today.

    • If this were Trump’s America, you’d have to have any words hoping to be said submitted and then given a thumbs up or down by Donald first. The sacred First Amendment of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are dead in the water here in the US during these new old McCarthyism these days.

      • How in the he’ll do you figure that??? There’s NOTHING but negative press all day every day against Trump! I’m a Conservative and had no problem giving your first comment a thumbs up. I do find some of these comments absolutely inappropriate. What this has to do with your 2nd comment, I have no idea.

        And what does that mean anyway? ”If this were Trump’s America…” And even after that, the rest of your comment didn’t make any sense, either. If freedom of speech and the press were dead, we wouldn’t be seeing these comments or the 100 new, negative news articles that come out daily about Trump and White House staff. Think a little harder before you post nonsense like your 2nd comment.

  4. LOL
    The libtard gays cant bear to face up to the realisation that another one of their pissy little idols has come out as a freaking paedophile.
    Oh it cant be so not George
    Clearly this unknown model needs to be trashed for even suggesting that our glorious George could have misbehaved?
    Whatever next, they’ll be attacking our beloved Hillary next.
    Tut tut girls, scratch their eyes out!!

      • Dan u idiot! Stop calling random people Nazis! I am a Jew, and i lost family to the Nazis! Stop watering down the word you piece of shit!

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