Fans are demanding that George Takei answer to groping allegations

11th November 2017 2 By News Desk

George Takei’s own community of fans are demanding that the actor answer to the allegations of groping.

George Takei’s silence on an alleged sexual harassment claim brought by former model and actor Scott R Brunton has got his Facebook community vexed.

The community, which has around 10 million users on Facebook have been asking George to make a statement on the claim, in which Brunton says he found himself being groped by the Star Trek legend in 1981 when he was 23 and Takei was in his early 40s, after passing out in the actor’s home.

Since the allegations dropped in The Hollywood Reporter, Takei has seemingly remained offline and his rep said that she was unable to contact him.


Fans on the platform have been discussing the claims for hours since the allegations came to light. Many are asking Takei to make a statement.

Whilst others warned that a “Witch hunt” would begin.

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Others questioned silence coming from the Takei camp

Others wanted the actor to know that they still loved him.