The wife of the Pulse nightclub shooter, who shot dead 49 people in American’s deadliest gun attack, has been arrested by the FBI.


The widow of the Pulse massacre shooter, Noor Salman, has been arrested by FBI agents and is expected to face charged of obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting. She was arrested in her San Francisco home on Monday. The arrest was first reported by The New York Times.

In June 2016, the shooter, entered into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and began firing indiscriminately at the patrons. He killed 49 people and injured more than 50 others. It became the worst gun attack on American soil.


During his rampage, the shooter claimed the attack was on behalf of the Islamic State. It is also known that Ms Salman texted her husband during the attack.


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Ms Salman had also given conflicting accounts about her knowledge of her husband’s intentions when questioned by officials. Her attorney, Linda Moreno of Tampa, said Ms Salman had no prior knowledge of the events that would tragically happen in June last year.

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“Noor Salman had no foreknowledge nor could she predict what Omar Mateen intended to do that tragic night,
“Noor has told her story of abuse at his hands. We believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and that it dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person.”

She is expected to appear in court, in San Francisco on Tuesday.


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