People. Please don’t drink poppers.

Despite the fact that all bottles of poppers sold in the UK come with a warning not to drink the contents, one woman in Scotland, unfortunately, downed one and died shortly after.

It is thought that she assumed the bottle was an alcohol miniature, when a friend handed her a bottle that he had purchased from a local store.

She became seriously ill, fast


The woman, from Angus, was handed the bottle from a male friend who bought two bottles from their local off-license. It is thought that she then drank the content of a bottle of XL Gold before becoming seriously ill and dying shortly after. XL Gold is a popular room aroma, which gives a head rush when inhaled.


She fell ill and died the same day, according to The Metro

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Poppers sold and marketed in the UK are legal to purchase, however they are not sold for human consumption. Many people, of course, huff or inhale directly from the bottle and it gives a quick headrush – and often causes a mild headache.

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