Cornwall Pride wrote to all of the UK’s MPs to express concerns over the Gender Recognition Act and the delays to “gay cures” in the UK.

“Very concerned over backtracking on trans rights”.

The team that runs Cornwall’s only Pride event, Cornwall Pride has written to all of the UK’s MPs to outline their concerns about backtracking on transgender rights in the UK.


They also criticised the Government for “failing in its commitment to formally respond to the Gender Recognition Act consultation by repeatedly delaying publication of the review”

It continued,

“However, we are also disappointed to see the leaks of selected sections of the report without proper communication by the Government. This has caused significant distress and anxiety among trans people and wider LGBT+ communities here in Cornwall and the UK. We believe trans women are women, trans men are men and non- binary identities are valid.


“We, therefore, state our support for trans people’s right to self-identification.”

As it stands,to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) in the UK, transgender people require a medical diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria, implying that being transgender is a mental illness – a view not recognised by the World Health Organisation.

“They must also live in their “acquired” gender for a minimum of 2 years and must pay a fee of £140.


Cornwall Pride adds, “The Government’s own research acknowledges that this process is bureaucratic, expensive, and humiliating for many transgender people. We believe the Government should respect the consultation, demonstrate a consideration for transgender people’s safety and dignity, and continue to explore ways of reforming the GRA”.

“Perturbed to restrict trans women’s access to services and facilities”

The letter also states,

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“We are particularly perturbed by the reported proposals to not only scrap any reform to the GRA, but to restrict trans women’s access to services and facilities in the guise of “safeguarding” safe spaces for cisgender women. One of our supporters has worked in the Violence Against Women and Girls sector, including in a refuge, for more than 13 years and believes such restrictions for trans women are unnecessary and unethical.

“We will be dismayed if the rights of transgender people, both with and without a GRC, are dismantled to appease a “vocal few”.

Read the full letter here.
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