You have to read Todrick Hall’s epic call out on cheating ex BF

The problem is, if you date someone in the public arena and you cheat on them you are going to be called out on your shiz in front of 1 million people.


Todrick Hall is on the warpath after calling out a cheating ex-bf on Instagram and a million people just saw it. But to be fair, judging by Todrick’s note the ex, sounds like a right cock.

Taking to Instagram stories the star wrote, “Sh*t is about to get real,” before adding a seven-point note for any possible future partners.

It read:

Now accepting applications for role of boyfriend:

  1. Must be able to maturely express themselves and not hold in their feelings and assume that I know how they feel because that’s how 9-year-olds act.
  2. Must not come on tour with me, meet other guys, start sleeping with them and give comp tickets to my show particularly on days when I’m burying my relatives.
  3. Must not lie to me about what they’re doing when they’re sleeping with me when they’re new secret fling isn’t around.
  4. Must mention to me that they have “boyfriend” after hanging only out with them for a week before engaging in intimate activities with me again.
  5. Must not allow me to fly them all over the world so that they can do jobs and make money while sneaking away multiple times to go “not hang out with their ex” while he’s conveniently in town and then crawl back into the house looking shady and guilty as fuck at 6 AM.
  6. Must not have the audacity to question what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with when they are a manipulative, lying immature, asshole.
  7. Must not ever underestimate me.


Then speaking directly to his ex-bf Todrick said,

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“I blocked you already, but I’m sure you’ll find some way to see this, I just want to let you know that you are shady boots. You used me, made me feel like shit. Allowed me to fly you all over the world and then snuck out to see your ex on my dime. I did everything I could to be honest with you since day one and I will not ever apologise for getting massages and going on dates with guys when I’m single have been waiting for your sketchy ass to wake up and realise that you have made a huge mistake. I’m done talking to you and dealing with people who want to date me but don’t the time or willingness to earn my trust”.


Then he gave the ex a stark warning, saying “give me one reason, ONE REASON and I will annihilate you. I have zero skeletons in my closet but you’ve got a lot in yours”.

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Damn Damn.


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