Apparently, he’s the most expensive President of the United States… ever.

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Unless you’ve been under a rock you will have noticed that President Donald Trump is getting a lot of attention – most notably for his travel restriction policy, which has seen travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations turned away at US airports. Then there was the leaked executive order document, which has not yet been enacted or verified as an official policy, but which threatens the very core of LGBT rights.

Well, now a new controversy is about to hit the news headlines, exactly how much Donald Trump is costing the US taxpayer for his security.


His security is costing a small fortune and he is apparently the most expensive President the US has ever had.

New information has revealed that he is costing $500,000 a DAY.

Sources told CBS2  that the security bill to protect Donald Trump and his family is costing New York taxpayers half-a-mil a day to keep Trump Tower safe.


The security bill for New York reached $35 million the weeks prior to his inauguration. New York has now apparently asked the federal government to reimburse the costs with the NY mayor pledging to send the bill to the White House.

Because of the First Lady Melania Trump’s decision to stay in New York whilst the couple’s son, Barron Trump, taxpayers will be forced to pay for two lots of hugely expensive levels of security.

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A full year of protection looks likely to top $180 million.

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It does look as though Melania will be leaving New York after the current school year ends for Barron, after Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the senior adviser to the First Lady told ABC News.


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