You funny guys have put your heads together and come up with some great Valentine’s poems. Some strange, some romantic and some down right smutty! Have a great Valentine’s whatever you may be up to.

LGBT poems
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Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
We love all are readers,
Especially you!

By TGUK team

The First Time

The first time I loved forever was when you whispered my name,
And I knew at once you loved me for the me of who I am.
The first time I loved forever I cast all else aside,
And I bid my heart to follow be there no more need to hide,
For all my life and forever there’s a truth I will always know,
For when my world divides and shatters your love is where I’ll go.

By Wayne Mellor-whiley

Chew My Shoe

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
The dogs showed me no love,
And chewed up my shoe!

By MikeyMike

Doctor Loving Who?

A Darlek is Red,
The Tardis is Blue,
I want to run away,
And go time travelling with you!

By Jai Bluf

Jump Into Bed

Violets are Blue,
Roses are Red,
Forget Valentine’s
Let’s jump into bed.

By Tommy86

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Love is Because…

Love isn’t a number, Love isn’t a time
Love isn’t a place and Love isn’t mine.
Love isn’t just yours, Love isn’t to keep,
Love isn’t to hide and Love isn’t to weep.
Love isn’t alone, Love isn’t afraid
Love isn’t by itself and Love isn’t kept in the shade.
Love isn’t bound by distance, Love isn’t just a game.
Love isn’t merely a nice word and Love isn’t always the same.
Love isn’t a simple definition, Love isn’t a word in a book.
Love isn’t something to say to make someone feel better,
And Love isn’t always in the places you look.
Love isn’t many things to many people,
But something holds for us.
No matter what people say or do,
Love IS – just because…

By Kenn Payne

Love and Wine

Alone again on Valentine’s
Oh what am I to do?
Save £30 on roses,
And have a bottle of wine for… erm one!


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Fetish Valentines

Ropes are kinky,
Whips are fun,
Who want’s to tie me up
And play with my bum?

By Naughty Squirrel

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