Another gay wedding, another Mr&Mr card.

The best gay wedding cards

It does seem that there’s a complete lack of wedding cards aimed at the LGBT community, other than the obligatory Mr & Mr or  Mrs and Mrs – so we went looking for some new designs, so you don’t just blend in with the rest of the same same cards on your GBF’s wedding day.

The Gays Got Married

We love this! Simple to the point.

OMG You Girls Are So Cute Together


For the lady lovers in your life

Congrats You Two!

So cute from HueTribe

Interracial Brides To Be

So have really thought about ensuring that all types of couples are represented in their cards – this one is perfect if you know interracial brides to be!

Rainbow fabulousness

We just love this rainbow felt card – which is blank inside so you can add your own message!

I Do…g

For the dog loving gay boys in your life…



The classic

Well, if you are going to do Mr & Mr… go bold…


Two Halves. One Heart.

Brings a little tear…


Congrats You Did It.

Sometimes you want a simple card with a simple message.



You blately know you’ll be dancing to this song later in the evening…