Basically you need to watch Mr. Robot

1) Rami Malek

Never have tired eyes looks so beautiful. He’s got the kind of eyes that draw you in and keep you locked in. Rami plays the main character Elliot Alderson.


2) 2nd Season


Apparently Mr Robot has been picked up already for a 2nd season and we can’t wait.


3) That Logo

The colour. The font. It’s wonderfully low grade.


4) Gay sex, straight sex and sexy sex


Blink and you might miss it, but there’s a proper gay sex scene including, worryingly a good old butt towel wipe… Martin Wallström who plays Tyrell Wellick is sexy and cold.


5) It has the stupidest name the baddie company.

There’s no mistaking that “EVIL CORP” is almost Google/Apple/Large Banking company plus extras… Except actually evil and it looks like they nicked the logo from Enron.


6) It will make you completely paranoid

Ever since watching it we’ve covered up our laptop’s camera and are completely certain that every phone call we’re making is being monitored by GCHQ.


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7) The time is now. The time is anonymous.

Hacking is cool you know. It’s even got a TV show now.


8) It’s lonely


Rami’s character’s loneliness almost makes you want to be a recluse. So much time for your own thoughts rather than filling it with cat gifs on Facebook.


9) It might just have the most boring coming out ever…


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In the first episode Elliot’s boss comes out. No balloons. No cheers. Not even bunting. Blah.


10) The episode names are like file names…

Yep. Brilliant.



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