Whether it’s a job interview, a court hearing to decide who get’s to keep the pug, or meeting the SO’s family sometimes a little extra effort can go a long way. Here are ten sure-fire tips to make sure you look and feel your best for whatever your day may have in store.

1 – Work From The Bottom Up (Literally)

(IMAGE – Marks And Spencer)

Beauty is skin deep, and confidence begins just a layer above that. Chances are you’re the only one who’s going to know what’s on under that three-piece so have some fun and treat yourself to some underwear that makes you feel confident from the second you slide it on.

2 – Remember To Smile

Don’t go full American Psycho on their asses, but remembering to keep a smile on your face will only work in your favour. It’s the most simple way of displaying confidence, comfort, and openness. Keep flashing those pearly whites and you’ll be sure to get everything you want.

3 – Show ‘Em How You Clean Up

(IMAGE – Marks And Spencer)

A clean shave and a fresh face is always going to be a winner in any situation. However, if you do happen to prefer a little stubble just working on getting that skin shining and beard line sharp will be more than enough to get you noticed.

4 – Power Pose

Like the underwear, you don’t want them seeing this part. But, put aside a little alone time before the event to hit some real power poses that will leave you singing your own praises and displaying the best body language. Think posing like Superman in front of a mirror and you’re halfway there, but to be sure you’re hitting the poses properly maybe scour YouTube for tutorials a little beforehand.

5 – Leave a Lasting Expression

There’s nothing like leaving a little scent in the air – in a good way, that is. Make sure that when you do leave you’re leaving your best impression with a light and lingering scent that will only make them think better of you.

Think fresh, bright and confident – you don’t want to remind them of their Granddad.

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6 – Keep a Firm Grip and A Strong Wrist

There’s nothing worse than a weak, limp, flaccid … handshake. So practice that handshake on friends and family until you’re happy that you’ve got it nailed. This will be the first and last impression they get from you, so you definitely want to get it right.

7 – Keep The Shoe Game Strong

So, perhaps this one really counts as starting from the bottom up. The importance of correct footwear can go a little forgotten at times, however, much like the scent and the undies it’s an important part in building your confidence and making a good impression. Classics are always classics for a reason but don’t be afraid to mix it up a little – suited and booted is a phrase for a reason. (Pictured: Blivener Men’s Casual Pointed Toe Oxford Lace Up Business Shoes – from £14.99 from Amazon)

8 – Get A Fresh Trim

There’s no point in shaping that beard and smoothing that face if your hairs still a hot mess. Head to the barber and get your locks chopped to show up sharp and smart. At risk of sounding like a late 2000’s chick-flick, it’s amazing what a new haircut can do for you, so embrace the change.

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9 – Suit Up

(IMAGE – House Of Fraser – Blazer £400 PS by Paul Smith Rollneck £110 Fred Perry Trousers £265 Vivienne Westwood)

If Barney Stinson taught us anything it’s that you can never go wrong with a suit. Whether you keep it simple and classic, or branch out a little more with patterns and colours, as long as it fits well you’re almost definitely going to look the part. Plus, with high street brands really upping their suit game of late there’s no reason for a good suit to cost an arm and a leg anymore: so, find a suit you love, invest and just ensure it fits like a glove forever.

10 – Just Be You

It sounds cliche, however, it’s overused for a reason. Be who you are and do what you can, and no one can ever ask any more of you.

About the author: Dan Coleborn
Southern Based. Fine Art Grad. Almost Writer. Almost Artist.