If you tuned into the BBC’s Apprentice last night, you would have spotted how two contestants treated male models.

Twitter users are not happy with the “inappropriate” way the male models were treated last night during a task on The Apprentice, where the candidates had to choose a model for a front cover of a magazine.

During the task, candidates, Elizabeth McKenna and Michaela Wain called the models to walk one by one and asked if they had abs under their shirts and asked them to reveal them.

The “cringey” scene was criticised by some fans of the show calling the interaction, “sexual harassment” and having “double standards”.

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THEGAYUK.com’s editor and chief, Jake Hook said, “It was totally unsuitable for Elizabeth to touch the male model or measure his inside leg in the way she did. Both candidates acted inappropriately in the casting and what resulted was an entirely cringey TV moment. As a company who have created dozens of magazine covers, we have never measured a model’s inside leg. It was disappointing to see this being broadcast as a potential insight into how a magazine cover is created. I wonder how Elizabeth and Michaela react if they had been treated in this way”.