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With Valentine’s around the corner we round up some of the best gift ideas for your S/O – or yourself – no one here is judging.

valentines gift ideas for gay boyfriends

Crystal Rainbow Bracelets

Black Rainbow Bracelet With Swarovski® Elements

What about a splash of colour with these beautiful Pride bracelets made from Swarovski crystals?

There are two divine options that are hand-assembled here in the UK by members of the LGBT+ community for There is the full-colour rainbow bracelet or the simple and classic black crystal with the 6 colour rainbow. From £24.99 each and exclusive to

The gift of knowledge

StockSnap / Pixabay

As they say, knowledge is power and a world of it could be yours for just £7.99 a month with an audible subscription. With your subscription, you can download one audiobook a month – and there are thousands of books to choose from all your favourite authors. If you both travel by car together you can even listen to the book together. The perfect gift to share and something to talk about.


Flowers from FlowerBe can be sent to you via the post and arrive ready to be lovingly arranged by you and yours. The best bit is that FlowerBe curates the perfect flowers and you get to be the creative genius at home by creating a beautiful, long-lasting display. You can get a monthly, fortnightly subscriptions or just one-offs. Gifts available from £40.

Plus you have the added bonus of raising your partner’s oxytocin levels also known as the “love hormone”.


Who doesn’t like getting sexy undies as a gift, not that they ever stay on that long! This G Sir Mesh Jockstrap is the perfect mix of comfort and sexy and comes in four colours and is just £7.29.


Amazon is doing an incredible deal at the moment with 22% off the price of its iPhones including the iPhone 7, 8 and Xs. If you’ve got £569 to spare you could splash out on this sexy bit of kit for your partner.

Bake a cake

Fancy yourself as a master baker? This Pistachio & Pomegranate Chocolate Cake by Jordan Lohan will definitely take your skills to a new level. What’s even better is that it’s flourless and is rich in pomegranates, which are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, not to mention fibre and anti-inflammatory properties. A healthy body is a sexy body.

Numbing Lube

Lube is always a good idea, whether you’re having anal sex or just a bit of frottage… but if you’re looking for something a little bit different why not try numbing lube. It can help prolong the top’s performance and help with any discomfort the bottom might be feeling. There are several options, but we recently tried the Eros Numbling Lube and that definitely did the trick.

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Golden Balls

Want to give jewellery, but want something a little bit unusual? We’ve fallen in love with these custom made rose-gold “ballz” pieces from SAM HAM. You can choose from cufflinks, a pendant or even if you ever wanted balls around your neck a necklace. Each piece is handcrafted in the world-famous Hatton Square. Prices start at £145, with custom Ballz created on request for those wanting to personalise their gift.


© Johan Persson

What about a night out at the theatre? This year’s hottest ticket is Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and prices are now as low as £24 for the London production.

Gay T-Shirts

We’ve mentioned these t-shirts before, but what can we say – we LOVE them. This 8ball original design is created right here in the UK and this naked cowboy one is under £14.00 right now. Perfect!

And a card?

Do you need a Valentine’s card – TheGayShop has you covered! Check out the range of boyfriend cards right here

shop dildos for gay sex


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