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Prices slashed on the world’s most comfy pants

We once described the Comfyballs undies the “most comfortable assuring undies you’ll ever buy” and now underwear retailer has slashed the price.

Underwear retailer DeadGoodUndies has knocked a whopping 15% of the price of Comfyballs underwear. Which we’ve previously described as the most comfortable pair of undies you’ll ever own.


We love them!

Starting today and ending on the 10th Feb 2019, DeadGoodUndies are giving away 15% off any pair of Comfyballs for just £22.10 instead of £26 for the cotton design or £24.22 for the “wood’ design instead of £28 or £25.50 for the “performance” pair instead of £30.


To get the discount all you need to do is enter the code CMFB15 at the checkout.

Why are the Comfyballs so different?


Well, for a start the super soft Oeko-Tex certified fabric used is incredibly breathable, which means that your crown-jewels don’t sweat like they do in other underwear. Also, the way the undies keep your package in place means that you’ll be comfortable all day long. The “wood” series of their underwear is made from spun cellulose fibre all the way from Austria- which gives an even greater softness – and helps keep the heat in a little, especially good during these wintery months. specialises in men’s underwear and swimwear for men from the best brands around the world. DGU offers private shopping, plain parcels and shipping to more than 80 countries backed with superb customer service.


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