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New Caledonia

Gay citizens in this Melanesian country have never been illegal and it is one of the only countries in the area which has never made homosexuality illegal.

North Korea

There has never been a law which criminalises homosexuality in North Korea. The North Korean government asserts their respect for homosexuals, however, it is noted that they reject western gay culture.

South Korea

There has never been a law which criminalises homosexuality, however, it is noted that LGBT citizens may face discriminations not faced by their heterosexual counterparts.


Anal sex is defined in the Criminal Code of the Republic of China, the legal system which rules Taiwan. The law was written with gender-neutral languages meaning that gay or bisexual men were never discriminated against.

Wallis and Futuna

This is another Country in the Overseas collectivity of France which has never outlawed gay men. It has outstanding protections for LGBTs, in line with France’s legal system.


LGBTs may face discriminations and various legal challenges not facing heterosexuals, it is believed that it has never been against the law to be gay.

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