We thought we’d turn this around – and talk about the questions gay men actually love.

Yes we’ve all heard the questions that drive many gay and bisexual men crazy, “who’s the woman”, “how do you really know…”

Of course there are the totally dumb questions straight people still ask LGBT+ people – but we asked our readers what questions they loved hearing…

More Wine?

I mean who doesn’t love to be asked if they want another glass of Pinot!

Why can’t straight men be more like gay men?

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Well dear – live changes when you’ve been on the receiving end of a dick. We kid we kid. Our personalities are the result of our experiences. Not all straight men are arseholes and not all gay men are angels…

Doesn’t that hurt?

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We love a bit of sex chat – and after a glass of Pinot we might be willing to talk about the finer details of our sex lives.


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